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Over 20 years of challenging the mind, nurturing the soul, engaging God’s world!

The Redeemer community has been enriched by the presence of students from around the world.

The majority have been participants in the AYUSA (A Year in the U.S.A.) program.  These students arrive in August and return home at the end of the school year.  Through this program, we've hosted students from Germany, Japan and Montenegro who've felt at home and made lasting friendships among their Redeemer classmates and host families.

In the 2014/2015 school year, we welcomed our first student from Thailand through AFS, American Field Service.   We greatly enjoyed this experience and hope to work further with AFS.  The AFS exchange programs are also for one year.

We are always eager to hear from families who are interested in hosting one of these adventurous students.  Please contact Pam Doyle at for more information to decide if your family would enjoy any of these experiences.

The new focus on International students has enabled Redeemer to join LINC of Baltimore, an organization for area private schools that share helpful information for schools, host families and students.