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Technology surrounds us and continues to change our society.  Software is behind every electronic device we use to communicate, travel, shop, learn and relax.  Students who learn to program will discover how they can shape the future through software.  Programming will change the way students think and build algorithmic thinking, reasoning, logic, communication and problem solving skills.

There is a difference between playing and programming a video game; watching and creating animation.  Unlike being passively entertained, programming and creating involves active planning, designing, constructing, testing and troubleshooting.

Redeemer Classical Christian offers the following after school technology classes to students in grades 7-12.

JET Robotics and Lego NXT

Students will use ROBOTIC and the Lego NXT Robots to learn engineering and programming skills to get their robots to perform specific functions. This course will involve math and measurement as well as controllers and Blue Tooth connections for maneuvering the robots.

JET Code Cadet

Python has become one of the most popular coding languages today and is in high demand. From gaming to web apps, you will find many uses for this tool. Students interested in programming will love this introductory course into the world of coding. Basic techniques such as programming logic, flow and decision control will be taught during this course. Students will learn programming skills while building game apps.

JET WebMaster1

Building websites requires knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This course introduces students to web design concepts. Students will have a live web site to show off their skills to invited guests. Students will also learn about WordPress and blogging.