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Over 20 years of challenging the mind, nurturing the soul, engaging God’s world!
Even with its reputation for academic excellence, it’s not all work and no play at Redeemer. The academic calendar is highlighted by social events, which draw students together and allow them to enjoy being part of the RCCS community. Here is a sampling of the major events:
  • Spirit Week- a week of themes and fun designed to build community

  • Homecoming- a celebration of Alumni and present students in sports, socials, and family friendly fun

  • 19th Century Ball; Junior Ring Cruise; Senior Formal- a time for students to dress up, get out there and have fun building friendships

  • Luau- a very special festive night to welcome the incoming 7th Grade class to the Upper School.

  • Annual Christmas concert presented by the RCCS choirs at a local mall, where the praises of our students ring in the Holiday for local shoppers

  • Spring Mission Trips and outreaches like Rice for the World, designed to teach students to think past themselves

  • Senior Trip to Europe- all of the history that our students have learned comes to life as they walk the streets of what they have studied!

Redeemer students also have the opportunity to participate in many additional social activities including: a casual winter dance, ice and roller skating events, Field Day, Race for Education, Capture the Present and other fun events.

Things are happening at Redeemer!

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