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Financial aid is given to families on the basis of need and availability of funds.  Available financial aid may be given for up to 40% of tuition, and is offered to those who have filed a completed admissions application.  Families seeking financial aid must apply through FACTS Management.  Supplemental aid may be available for families with 4 or more children in grades 1 through 12, including first year families.  Please contact the school office for criteria, forms, procedures and deadlines.

Apply annually.  Awards are disbursed on a first-come, first-served basis and are applicable to the current school year, only.  While qualification criteria may be met, availability of funds is not guaranteed.

Be in good standing.  Students must maintain an average of 75% in all classes.  Parents and students must comply with all student-related policies.  Families must demonstrate respect, support, and compliance for all school policies.


FACTS Management