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Over 20 years of challenging the mind, nurturing the soul, engaging God’s world!

Pre-K through Kindergarten

Pre-K 3: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:30 -11:30 AM
Pre-K 4: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:30-11:30 AM
Kindergarten: Monday though Friday 8:30- 11:30 AM

We have supplemental programs available to our families at reasonable rates:

Before Care: 7:15- 8:10 AM
Extended Care for Kindergartners: 11:30 AM- 3:05 PM
After Care: 3:05-5:45 PM

There are great advantages in attending a preschool program!  If you are wondering "why should I send my child to preschool?", please read on.
  • Children are somewhat isolated and there is an absence of free neighborhood play.  Either the streets hold potential harm or there are just no other children around to relate to on a day to day basis. 

  • Children often grow up having to relate more to adults than to peers.  Preschools are filled with peers eager to make new friends.

  • Children are surrounded by an excess of television and other media.  What they really need is time for extended child-centered experiences that early school provides.

  • Children spend much of their day conforming to an adult-oriented schedule, tagging along with mom or dad to grown up places.  Preschools are places designed for young children with materials and schedules that "fit" their special needs.  Parents then have time for their own adult activities while children are in preschool. Children sometimes believe that play only happens when there are rules, uniforms and a coach.  A preschool is a place for spontaneous play with child-oriented things like block-building and kitchen dramatic play area.

  • It is acceptable for children to enjoy an abundance of material possessions - the best and the most.  However, the preschool experiences are the ones where the reality of sharing possessions and letting others take a turn are taught.  In preschool, children learn important lifelong lessons about valuing people over "things".

  • It is difficult for parents to carefully plan their resources and make investments in early education.  It is much more fashionable to begin a college fund during the early years, than make preschool a priority.  Yet, overwhelmingly, parents agree:  Preschool gives children an advantage over those who have had no schooling prior to kindergarten.  The cost of preschool is worth it!

  • Teaching children to read and write during the early years is still popular, in spite of the research that shows us play, emotional support and social interactions are of far greater benefit for later school success.  Preschool provides the ideal context for this type of necessary growth.

  • Children need more exposure to biblical teaching providing a strong foundation for moral and spiritual development.  Christian preschools know how to support families in this way.

The investment in preschool education -- Is it worth it?  You decide. Call Redeemer Classical Christian School today to schedule a tour and find out what high quality preschool can mean for your child.