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Over 20 years of challenging the mind, nurturing the soul, engaging God’s world!

Parent Testimonials


"Maryland's Best kept secret."

Jimmy Lingg


"Our son could have gone down a very different path if it were not for RCCS.   I always say that some students would succeed anywhere they go to school, but I know that was not the case with Patrick.  I know for sure God used RCCS to change the trajectory of his life in a very big way.  I'm still in awe that he is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a Masters in Athletic Training.  He recently married and is working as a Physical Therapist in California.  Some of the specific ways that RCCS made a big difference are:

  • The integrated model of classical education made sense and motivated him to learn.

  • He had a degree of ADD so the small class size really helped because the teachers knew his strengths and weaknesses and also when he distracted.

  • Patrick did not have a natural ability to pick up on the social ques of his peers but since the teachers at RCCS were willing to get involved in the social interactions of students, he had teachers along the way who were able to help him with this issue. This impacted his success at college and in the professional world today. I don't believe he would have had this kind of guidance at any other school.

  • Good teacher/parent communication. I always felt like we were on the same team which really helped Pat to be his best.

  • Attending RCCS, Patrick saw the teachers as approachable and "on his side" so when he went to the bigger environment of UMD College Park and then on to graduate school, he viewed his Professors through the same lens.

  • Patrick did not have the athletic talent to participate in Varsity sports in a public or most of the other private schools in the area. RCCS provided a solid sports program in which he could not only participate but also realize success. God used his interest in sports to point him to his career as a Physical Therapist. I know for sure that this opportunity would have been very unlikely in any other school.

There is much more I could say but last but not least, I truly believe that the biggest difference RCCS made is that he had teachers who prayed for him."

Pattie Everett


"My daughter has watched her 6th grade slide show about 6 times this weekend. She says that 6th grade was her best school was her first year at Redeemer Classical Christian School! I feel so blessed that God has provided the means for us to be able to send my children to school at RCCS. RCCS has been such a blessing to our family!"

Amy Rey


"Five years ago The Lord brought us to Redeemer Classical Christian School and I could not be anymore grateful than I am.... Love our school, can't imagine being anywhere else!"

Angela Cuocci


"This is my daughter’s third year at Redeemer Classical Christian School. She LOVES school. She loves it so much that she wants to stay the whole day, everyday. She is learning SO much.  She loves chapel, music, and Art.  She is excited to be able to sing her school song! This makes me happy. I know that each year will provide a foundation for the next year, and that the teachers and other parents at the school are partnering with me to help facilitate the development of my daughter and her classmates' God-given potential.  And some day, when she looks back on her time at Redeemer, she will see the glitter of the gold of knowledge, love, and community."

Annie Williams


"When looking for a school, what attracted us most to Redeemer's Pre-K and K was the Biblical World View woven throughout the curriculum. It is in everything they teach, but on a level that is age appropriate. Pre-K students do not just learn colors but that God has an Infinite imagination and colors our world beautifully for His pleasure and to bless us."

Michele Emerson