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Grammar Curriculum (Grades 1-6)

Content:  The facts and rules of each subject area are presented to children in the grammar stage.  Therefore, phonics is used to teach children reading and to give them the tools to become independent readers.  Children are exposed to a wide variety of quality children's literature beginning in kindergarten, and most are reading books independently by the second half of the first grade. Cursive writing, creative writing and content area writing are emphasized and taught systematically.  Children are directly taught spelling and grammar rules, as well as math facts.  A specific body of facts in history, extending from creation through current times is also taught.  Latin is systematically taught beginning in third grade.  Art and music are integral parts of Redeemer's curriculum and are used to enhance learning in all areas of study.

Methodology:  In the grammar stage, developmentally appropriate techniques which facilitate the memorization of the facts and rules of a subject are employed.  Children are taught systematically and directly and work toward mastery.  Because children who are actively involved in the learning process learn best, visual auditory, and kinesthetic components are combined to reinforce learning.  Techniques that include songs, jingles, rhythms, hand motions, and other multi-sensory  methods are utilized.  Although these techniques often include high levels of repetition, children have fun while practicing what they learn.  Primary Phonics, The Institute for Excellence in Writing, Shurley Method Grammar, and Veritas History are some of the curriculum materials which are widely shared among  Classical and Christian schools for use in the Grammar Stage.