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Over 20 years of challenging the mind, nurturing the soul, engaging God’s world!

One of the notable benefits of a Redeemer education is the ability to collaborate between older and younger students.  This collaboration has taken many forms ranging from after-school tutoring to shared class projects to performing for other classees.

Five week mummification project

In the ninth grade, students have the opportunity to partner with a couple of grammar school classes throughout the year.  During our study of ancient Egypt in the first semester, the ninth and third graders embark on a five week mummification project which involves mummifying small Cornish hens.

Hoplite Warfare

Later in the second semester, the ninth graders once again partner up, but this time they join forces with the fourth grade to experience hoplite warfare from ancient Greece.  Students are able to engage in history and see it come to life. 

Working together with the younger classes is a fabulous opportunity because it allows our freshman to become leaders, model appropriate behavior, develop self-awareness, and practice responsible decision making.  For the third and fourth graders, it allows them to benefit from individual attention, to build relationships with older students, and to glimpse how what they are learning now matters even later in school.  Though outsiders may lament the small school approach, opportunities such as these make us very thankful we are able to invest in one another.