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Over 20 years of challenging the mind, nurturing the soul, engaging God’s world!
The mission of Redeemer Classical Christian is three-fold:

1. Challenging the Mind

2. Nurturing the Soul

3. Engaging God's World

Our purpose is to provide a challenging academic program based on the classical model of education, which fully integrates God's truth into a Biblical world and life view, partnering with parents to facilitate the development of each child's unique God-given potential.

Values we seek to live and model:
  • Faithfulness in teaching truth with a Biblical world view; in being academically challenging and helping students to achieve learning success.

  • Grace in life and discipline as we are accountable to God and each other.

  • Honesty in teaching and life.

  • Humility in learning, relating, and living with each other.

  • Integrity in honoring our morals, policies, and decisions; in their formulation and execution.

  • Modesty in dress and behavior as we focus on Christ – to show Him and not ourselves.

  • Prayer as we live in and depend upon God’s sovereign rule and order of our lives, so that He receives the proper glory due Him.

  • Respect in word, deed, and attitude with one another.

  • Submission to the Scriptures as our source and standard of truth and life.