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Over 20 years of challenging the mind, nurturing the soul, engaging God’s world!
Katie Ament
7th Grade Humanities/Enhanced Study Skills, 12th Grade Thesis - Katie Ament (2010)

B.S., Secondary English Education, York College - Katie has taught in a variety of private, parochial schools.  Katie and her husband have four children and enjoy being a part of the Redeemer community.

Joy Bell
8th & 9th Grade Humanities, 9th OT, and Yearbook Advisor - Joy Bell (2009)

B.A in English at Houghton College and is currently working toward her MAT.  She and her husband are currently hosting an international student who is attending RCCS. Joy enjoys travelling and has ventured to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Stephanie Belzner
Computer - Stephanie Belzner (2010)

B.S., Computer Science, Loyola College - Stephanie is happily married to her best friend and they have two children who both attend Redeemer.  One of Stephanie’s passions is music and she enjoys playing the piano and flute.

John Cicone
7th Algebra I, 9th Grade Geometry, 10th Algebra II, 11th Grade Physics, 11th & 12th Grade Pre-Calculus - John Cicone (2002)

B.S. & M.S., Civil Engineer, Drexel University - John is married with five children (2 boys and 3 girls). His three oldest children are RCCS alumni and his younger two children attend RCCS.

8th Geometry, 9th Algebra II, 10th Statistics and Trigonometry, 12th Calculus - Stephanie Caldwell (2018)


10th Grade  Rhetoric, Humanities, and NT, 11th Grade Government and Economics, 12th Grade Apologetics - David Blattenberger (2018)


Deb Kozlowski
7th - 10th, and 12th Grade Science - Deb Kozlowski (2001)

M.S., Biological Sciences, Clemson University. B.A., Biology, Covenant College.  Deb has taught science for over 15 years. She and her husband have raised three children and live in the Perry Hall area.

Michael Stell
11th & 12th Grade Humanities, Systematic Theology - Michael Stell (2017)

Michael Stell is a PhD candidate at Catholic University in Washington, DC majoring in systematic and historical theology. He is also a graduate of Clarks Summit University and Reformed Theological Seminary. His research focuses on Nineteenth century America, the Reformation period, apologetics and political theology. He has taught a variety of courses at CUA including the freshman theology course, Christianity and Culture, the Apologetics of CS Lewis, and a Protestant theology class. Prior to his starting at CUA, he was a teacher and principal at three different Christian schools. As a Christian school teacher, he taught mostly history and Bible classes. Michael lives in Hagerstown, MD with his wife and four children.

Ron Standiford
Chaplain - Rev. Ronald Standiford (1996)

B.A., School of Government & Public Administration, American University, M. Div., M.A.R., Westminster .  Rev. Ronald Standiford is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and is one of the founders of Redeemer Classical Christian School. He is married with two grown, married daughters who both graduated from RCCS.  He has one baby grandson. Ron is interested in history and agriculture. He and his wife live on the former family farm, Beachmont, where the church and school are located.

Ernest Wang
6th Grade Math and Science, 7th Grade Pre-Algebra, IT Specialist - Ernest Wang (2012)

B.S., Engineering Chemistry, State University of NY -  Ernest is married with 3 children.  He enjoys a diverse array of hobbies including hiking, biking, fishing, guitar, photography, astronomy and watching sci-fi movies.

8th Grade New Testament - Justin Estrada (2018)