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Over 20 years of challenging the mind, nurturing the soul, engaging God’s world!

I have constant knocks at my door, some even late at night : "Can you read through my paper?"  When I began college, I was already writing at the college level. All of the time spent in writing workshops and on thesis papers were vital to my success in my freshman year.

Redeemer also teaches its' students how to find and cite research. Many students fail classes or drop out of college because of invalid sources and plagiarism.

The two years of Latin that I took have opened academic doors for me. I love being that student who can identify the hidden meanings of words and read ancient texts.

Thank you Redeemer!

Lillian Doyle (RCCS Class of 2013)


Redeemer's emphasis in rich humanities courses--rhetoric and debate, English and history, apologetics and theology, civics--have well prepared me for college academics.  As an incoming freshman in a liberal arts college, the depth of the courses was similar to what I had been accustomed to with a Redeemer education.  The rigor of the humanities courses at Redeemer prepared me well for college English courses to the extent that my internationally acclaimed English professor remarked that she had not taught me anything because I already knew so much. Moreover, she offered to do an independent research project with me in my sophomore year!  My philosophy professor expressed similar sentiments at my advanced depth of thought and analysis -- cultivated by my classical education.   

The depth and rigor of a Redeemer education, both academically and spiritually, provide an incredible advantage to its graduates.  Not only are my professors impressed, but I have had extraordinary opportunities--such as independent research with a psychology professor that culminated with a presentation to professional psychologists--that I would not have otherwise been academically qualified to pursue until my senior year.  My classical Christian education gave me the tools and a love for learning and the skills to defend my faith; Redeemer's Upper School courses, integrated with Truth and an academically challenging curriculum, prepared me for challenges to Christianity as well as intense college courses and research.

Emily Beeson (RCCS class of 2013)



Redeemer allowed me to have a seamless transition into college and also allowed me to be on the track I wanted. Because of the academic demand and difficulty of the school, this first semester of college (and maybe even beyond) are, dare I say, easy. I finish all of my work early and my grades are outstanding. In relation to my second point, my major is one that is incredibly demanding in science and mathematics.

Mitchell Most (RCCS class of 2014)